Kokomo Glass Shop, Inc.

George R. Newton, Founder

Kokomo Glass has proudly served Kokomo from the same location since 1949.  We are a family-owned business, not a national chain, and dedicated to serving our customers.

Second and third generation members of the Newton family are still working hard to deliver quality products and service to the citizens of Kokomo and surrounding areas.  Brad (right) and Wes want to hear from you.  Either may be contacted at KokomoGlass@sbcglobal.net

The thirteen employees of Kokomo Glass have over 230 years of experience.   We will go the extra mile to help each and every customer.

Waiting to serve you!
Group Staff Picture

Adam Brandon Cathy Jill Jon
Adam Brandon Cathy  Jill Jon
Mark Mike Myra Ryan Sally
Mike Mike Myra Ryan Sally
Seth Joe Sadly, Joe passed away March 20, 2015    
Seth Joe      

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